I am very excited for this year’s Play Day. I have been planning the events with the help of many of you, and I am excited to share them with you all. I am sending this notice home because I NEED volunteers for PLAY DAY. This year’s playday will take place on Wednesday May 23rd and has been extended for an extra hour for all levels. Grades 3rd thru 5th will go in the morning from 8:30am to approximately 10:30am. Kindergarten thru 2nd grade will go from 11:45am to approximately 1:45pm. IF YOU CAN HELP, PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL OR SEND THE PORTION BELOW BACK TO ME. There will be 10 stations as usual, with each station being around 10 minutes long. Each station will have an entire class participating at that station. I would like to have at least one parent per station plus a couple of extra parents for re-supplying the stations. This year we will be having orange slices, popcorn and snow cones for students after they finish all of the stations. I also need parents to run these areas. I will take all of the help I can get!

In order for your child to participate in play day activities he/ she will need to have a change of clothes:
• Shirt
• Shorts
• Underwear
• Socks
• Towel

Children that do not have these items at school on Play Day will NOT be allowed to participate.

In order for your child to enjoy play day, we recommend comfortable athletic clothing such as t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. Please remember that clothing needs to follow the student handbook and that bathing suits are not permitted. Your child can wear their swim suit underneath their regular clothing.

Each year we have had a donation list but since our 2012 Jump-a-Thon was so successful we were able to purchase all supplies necessary and we do not need any items this year!

Featured stations at this year’s play day:

Be thinking of stations that you would like to run this year and thank you for your continued support!
1. Tug-a war
2. Bat spin spoon relay
3. Osuna 500 obstacle course
4. Long Bombs (Pitching machines)
5. Sponge squeeze relay
6. Its leaking water cup relay
7. Costume scramble
8. Parachute games
9. Flag tag
10. Jumper station
11. Orange slice cutting and handout/ popcorn making/ snow cone making